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Verified USA PayPal Account - Fully Verify

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  • Verified Country: United States
  • Verified by VCC: (Virtual Card Verify) Included
  • Verified by VBA ( Virtual Bank Account ) Included
  • Verified Phone: US Phone Number (Google Voice) Included
  • Verified Address: US (Real Address)
  • Account Type: Personal
  • Email Type: (Gmail) Included
  • AGE: Fresh New
  • Hold: Yes ,First some

Q: Does The Account Have 21 Days hold for Service payments?

A: Yes it does.. Its freshly made paypal account... ( its not an old aged account )

Q: I am not in USA, can I still use your service?

A: Yes you can use the account anywhere in the world.

Q: Can I use these accounts outside the USA?

A; Yes You can use it. just use US RDP or residential proxy.

Q: Do I need VPN for using US PayPal?

A: You can use your country IP address. But we strongly recommend you to use paid VPN (not free) in order to avoid risks and sending error. Paid VPN gives you static IP address, which will avoid risks.

Q: Can I get big funds in PayPal?

A; You can't get big funds in new PayPal. First you need to make small transactions for a couple of days then you can jump for big funds little by little. Because if you jump to big funds instantly PayPal consider it suspicious activity.

Q: Can I use PayPal for fraudulent activities?

A; No You can not use PayPal for fraudulent activities.

Q: Is there any hold on PayPal funds?

A; Funds can be hold in start. If you get no dispute you will start receiving funds instantly in 2, 3 weeks.

We do not provide any warranty or guarantee of PayPal Account limitation as it is not in our control.